World Water Day 2016

March 22 is World Water Day, the date declared by the United Nations General Assembly. The celebration of this day aims to promote public awareness towards water management. It is a common and essential to life well and contributes to economic productivity and social welfare. In this context, several organizations and facilities of Barcelona and its surroundings coorganizamos various activities to move collectively towards a new culture of water.

A total of 26 activities were organized, mostly aimed at an adult audience, but there were also for family audiences. From La Fàbrica del Sol, besides offering water cycle in the city activities of program How Does Barcelona Works?, was organized the cycle "the water culture over time" to approach the past, present and future of water management in the city by the hand of experts from the academic and technical world. The cycle consisted of three activities; water route through the history of water in Roman Barcelona, by Santiago Riera, one route through the history of water in the preindustrial Barcelona by Mariano Barriendos, and a conversation about the history and present of the contemporary Barcelona, ​​with Narcís Prat and Joan Gaya.

Subsequently, on 21 April, La Fàbrica del Sol participated in the third session of the cycle of conferences "Fundamentals in local management of the water cycle", organized by the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Association of Environmentalists of Catalonia and the Network Cities and Towns for Sustainability. The session "Social and economic supply service aspects" was called, and within the block "Transparency and citizen participation on local water management" talked about education and awareness to promote efficient use of water (you can see the presentation on the link found in related files).