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Emotion and multisensory experiences, focus of the IV Creativity and Trends Day

The future is now. If we want a brand or product to be known at a time when change is the only constant, it is important to know the market trends and the keys to generating empathy, the desire to purchase, and to being continuously present in the minds of consumers. In this context, the fourth edition of the Creativity and Trends Day arrives at the Design Museum of Barcelona next Thursday, April 11th, bringing ideas, concepts and the innovative practices of major trends in the market to design professionals and creative industries.

With emotion and multisensory experience as common denominator, the activities of its program flow around the need to establish a link between creativity and multisensory experience in order to generate empathy and activate the seduction of consumers towards brands and products.

British agency WGSN, a leading company in the field of trends analysis, will kick start the events with the presentation Emotions 2.0. Headlining French philosopher Gilles Lipovetsky will take over with a masterclass on Artistic Capisalism and consume of experiences. Followed by three presentations you cannot miss on how to work emotions in the construction of brand stories:

  • "From digital craftsmanship to visual storytelling" - by Miguel Valero Espada, from Espadaysantacruz. Through a selection of projects, commissions and real cases, Miguel will explain how visual storytelling helps connect brands with target audiences and will reflect on the role of design and technology in the development of projects.

  • "Fast experience: generating experiences that people fall in love with" - by Karen Sátiro (Experience Design Lead) and Ana Isabel Rodríguez (Customer Experience Manager), from Mango. With them we will deep dive into the way in which the brand uses interactive storytelling to generate surprising, immersive and participative experience proposals.

  • "Gastronomy as a means of communication" - by Elsa Yranzo, from the Elsa Yranzo. Creative Food Studio Bcn. Elsa, who combines the direction of her studies with teaching, will talk about how to use gastronomy as a means of communicating concepts and ideas.

In the afternoon, five experiential and collective proposals will take you through different areas of creation, such as ceramics (Tea for two and Create with the five senses. Introduction to the creative process), wallpapers (Raport: a design repeated in length and width, graphic design (Material Workshop. Rethinking with materials) and stitching (Stitching missives), through pieces from the Museum's collection.

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