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The exhibition "TAPAS. Spanish Design for food" arrives at the Museu del Disseny

The exhibition Tapas. Spanish Design for Food, organised by the Museu del Disseny de Barcelona (Barcelona Design Museum) and Acción Cultural Española (Spanish Cultural Action, ACE) will open next Wednesday, 8th March at 7.30 pm. This free exhibition will run from 9th March until 21st May. Barcelona will be its last stop after having travelled all over the world and been to cities such as Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Miami and Seoul.

Tapas. Spanish Design for Food explores the interaction between design and gastronomy through three main strands: food, the table and the kitchen. The exhibition focuses on the innovations of the last 25 years whilst not forgetting the significant popular traditions in Catalan and Spanish design. The exhibition takes in everyday objects from the porró, or glass wine jug, to the caviar dish created by Luki Huber and Ferran Adrià.

The three thematic areas around which the exhibition is based, teach us how the design of food itself has changed, as well as the objects used to serve and taste the food at the table, both formally and informally. Finally, we see the kitchen - professional and domestic - where it looks not only at cooking, but also how the instruments respond to concepts such as precision, ergonomics and durability.

The exhibition, curated by designer and architect Juli Capella, presents more than 250 items with videos and photographs, which connect the world of the material culture of food to that of history, architecture, interior design and industrial and graphic design.

In addition, a series of activities related to the exhibition have been organised:

  • L’aprofitament dels aliments, un camp per desenvolupar solucions des del disseny (The Use of Food, a field for developing solutions through design). A round-table discussion in which various proposals for taking advantage of the food in the food chain from field to the table will be addressed. In addition, the results of the workshop Disseny per l’aprofitament dels aliments (Design for the use of the food) involving students from the area, will be presented.
  • Diàlegs entre gastronomia i disseny. (Dialogues between gastronomy and design) Three sessions of debate among chefs and designers in order to discover how they have experienced and integrated the revolution of recent years in the kitchen. The first discussion will be with Javier Bonet and Martí Guixé; the following week the conversation will be between Ferran Adrià and Luki Huber; and bringing the debate to a close will be Jordi Roca and Andreu Carulla. For all three sessions the moderator will be the curator of the exhibition, Juli Capella.
  • Plats del dia (Dishes of the day). A free exhibition focusing on food design: the confluence between ceramics, design and gastronomy; and at which the most significant projects in this field from the last 5 years will be presented. From 8th to 21st May at the Centre d’Artesania de Catalunya (Catalan Craft Centre). On 16th May, there will be a round-table discussion on the subject between Juli Capella, the ceramist Rosa Cortiella and Pilar Vélez, Director of the Design Museum.
  • Taller la vaixella màgica (Magical dishes workshop). A family workshop in which participants will make a piece of crockery, in this case a plate, using chocolate as the raw material.
  • Closing of the exhibition/night of the museums. Saturday, 20th  May, you can try the churros from 21st Century thanks to the workshop Redissenyant el xurro (Redesigning the Churro).

We at the Design Museum also invite you to come and taste the exhibition until 21st May.

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