AMCB centennial book (1917-2017)

We celebrate the centenary of the AMCB with this illustrated publication in the hands of the artist Sagar.

This year we commemorate the centenary of the creation of the Contemporary Municipal Archive. Since June 21, 1917, when the Plenary Council agreed to divide the Municipal Archive into the historical section and the administrative section, the Archive has experienced a hundred years of transformations, experiences and hopeful projects, but above all, it has been a hundred years of guarding the municipal documentary heritage.

Celebrating this first centenary is to share with the rest of the citizens and peers the history of a service that advances to bring access to information and the transparency of public activity, to disseminate the contemporary history of our city.

Transferring the internal essence of the Archive is our will and from here comes this publication illustrated with the technique of sketching.

With the help of the artist Sagar and with the collaboration of all the staff of the archive each of the pages of the book shows quickly and easily; understandable and accessible to all, the different technical tasks that are developed in the Archive and that day by day, make this centenary institution a great public service for citizenship, for research and research; and to know the history and performance of the city government.

Serve this commemorative book, also, as a recognition to all the staff that has worked for the Archive over more than one hundred years and has been careful to recover and preserve the documentary heritage of contemporary Barcelona.

It's time to celebrate this centennial by looking in the future.