Reproduction of documents

After consulting and selecting the records, you can request a copy, in person and in writing, by using the form provided by the AMCB. But first you need to pay the public fees and charges stipulated in the municipal byelaws currently in force and you must pay by bank card, bank check in favor of the City Council of Barcelona or bank transfer to the account indicated by the Archive.

The period for delivering the copies varies according to the technique used for each type of document.

The copying procedure will be adapted to the user’s needs as well as the format, state of preservation and age of the records, and the restrictions established by current legislation on personal data, security and copyright protection.

Copying with your own means may be authorised by technical staff of the External Consultation Service, provided there are no legal or conservation reasons which might prevent that.

The AMCB will not issue any statements regarding the authenticity of copies users produce with their own means.