Educational programme

The aim of the Educational programme, developed jointly with the Barcelona Education Consortium, is to train both teachers and students to use digital manufacturing technologies, developing specific projects within the framework of the academic curriculum.

This programme, which places special emphasis on the gender perspective and on fostering scientific and technological vocations in the youngest citizens, gives the city’s schools the chance to organise different activities in the Fab Labs. The activities proposed encourage reflection, creativity, experimentation, and shared learning by means of developing interdisciplinary projects, and they give pupils the opportunity to see an idea through from conception to realisation, whilst applying both curricular content from the different areas and personal skills.

The target audience and some of the activities that can come under this programme are detailed below:

Target audience:

  • Pupils, teachers and schools (primary, secondary, vocational training and art and design schools)
  • Pupils and teachers from Pedagogy and Education Sciences faculties
  • Other education professionals (inspectors, education service providers, education technicians, and so on)
  • Education community


  • Presentations and visits for schools, teachers, the school community, education professionals, and so on.
  • Design and manufacturing workshops (for example, “Produce signs for the secondary school”, Consell de Cent Secondary School)
  • School projects (for example, “Make a lion”, Concepción Arenal Primary School; “Make a bird”, Juan Manuel Zafra Secondary School)
  • Training workshops and courses for teachers
  • Creating teaching material (for example, “A pencil pot for the Youth Research Exhibition”)