Gràcia FAB LAB

The Ateneu de Fabricació de Gràcia is a public space for training and creation of digital fabrication projects linked to new technologies and, in particular, to digital fabrication, supporting pedagogical and social innovation projects driven by citizens and reinforcing the return to shared knowledge.

The Ateneu de Fabricació Digital de Gràcia, located in an old industrial building in the Vila de Gràcia neighbourhood, is the fifth facility of the Barcelona Ateneu Network. The space’s mission is to disseminate creativity and innovation through socio-technological development projects with methodologies from the field of design and art and with a special focus on digital training, crafts, textiles, fashion and biomaterials.

Speciality arees

However, the space is equipped with software and manufacturing machines that allow the community to turn their ideas and concepts into physical products useful for the society of the present and the future.

To carry out all these initiatives, the space has different manufacturing areas, divided according to machinery and sector. Specifically, the Ateneo de Gracia is divided into four workspaces.

The first one specialises in textiles and fashion with machinery such as sewing machines, digital embroidery and vinyl carving machines. 

The second focuses on additive manufacturing and electronics, and has various types of 3D printing machines and programming and electronic material available to users. 

The third space, known as the biomaterials and biotechnology laboratory, is equipped with tools and devices for the production of biodegradable material nuts adapted to the demands of the hyper-technological future. And the last of these spaces, the Dirty Workshop, is intended above all for the manufacture of heavier or large elements. For this reason, this space is equipped with a laser cutting machine and milling machines of different formats.

In addition to these four spaces, there is also a large, open and multi-purpose space called Agora, where exhibitions, workshops and conferences can be organised and where you can also find the 3D ceramic printer. Finally, the athenaeum also has three work rooms for meetings.

The team is made up of four people with very diverse backgrounds such as industrial design, digital production, product development and research in art and design. Very diverse professions that gravitate around the intersection of knowledge and skills to develop innovative projects with a differential character.

Opening times and contact

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday from 10 to 14h
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 15:30 h to 19:30h
Weekly open doors: Wednesday from 18:30 to 19:30h

Telephone: 667 415 814

C/ Perill 8 08012 Barcelona


  • Fco. Javier Camino: Fab Lab manager
  • Fayna Nieves: Facilitator
  • Victor Vidal: Technologist
  • Majo Escobar: Technologist

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