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Digital innovation to tackle Covid-19

18/05/2020 - 19:06 h

The city’s fab labs have so far helped the Coronavirus Makers community create over 17,400 protective items for front-line staff in essential services who are most exposed to infection, such as those working in healthcare, social services, care work, home assistance and homes for the elderly.

Various items have been manufactured using 3D printing since 30 March: 5,330 plastic injection visors, 2,606 visors in 3D, 2,696 laser-cut visors in Plakene, 500 visors in kit form, 3,556 ear-protectors for face masks and 2,739 door openers.

In a move to increase production capacity, the Ciutat Meridiana and Fàbrica del Sol fab labs have acquired two printers, while the Punt Multimèdia Casa del Mig will be getting two more.

The manufacture of individual protective items is a joint exercise carried out by the city’s fab labs in coordination with the Coronavirus Makers community, which handles logistics, with plastic-injection machines from Quadpack Plastics, the collaboration of thirty volunteers for assembly work and the support of the Catalan Taxi Union (STAC), which has been collecting and distributing material free of charge for organisations which request it.