Nou Barris Technology Park Fab Lab

The Technology Park Fab Lab is a venue located in the Nou Barris Technology Park (Barcelona Activa) that aims to foster the development of advanced industries. Within this context, the Fab Lab provides a digital manufacturing learning venue for social and educational innovation, with enterprise as the cross-cutting theme.

The Fab Lab’s goals are based on building bridges between digital manufacturing and the education community, from children and young people to the neighbourhood’s community fabric. In addition, there is a wish to boost the Fab Lab’s value as a place of technological and educational innovation. It should be a place for progressing towards social transformation through new technologies as tools for solving everyday or community problems and challenges.

The Fab Lab provides specialist training to the teaching community, training its members by means of digital manufacturing visits and activities for children and young people from both schools and organisations, as well as supporting members of the public in the design and implementation of their projects.

At the Fab Labs we bring technology closer to people we provide support for projects we share knowledge by making qualified people available to you together with the necessary machinery.

Opening times and contact information


C/Marie Curie, 8-14
08042 Barcelona

Phone: 93 291 77 77


Opening Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 to 14h and from 15 to 18h (appointment by email is required)
Weekly open doors: Thursday from 15 to 16:30h  (appointment required)

Clara Borràs: Fab Lab manager

Machinery the Fab Lab is equipped with


  • Sigma BCN3D / (Fdm) 3D printer
  • Witbox / (Fdm) 3D printer
  • MakerBot Replicator 2 (FDM) 3D printer
  • Formlabs Form 2 / resin SLA printer


  • Epilog Fusion (500 x 800 mm) laser cutter
  • Roland CAMM-1GS 24 / vinyl cutter plotter
  • Roland MDX-50 / desktop CNC mill


  • Sense 3D scanner
  • Educational robotics learning kits: Microbit, Makey, Little Bits, Arduino.
  • Soldering iron for electronics
  • Mayku FormBox Thermoforming
  • Textile printing plate
  • Alfa Inizia sewing machine
  • Miscellaneous tools: Dremel (hot wire cutter), screwdriver, marquetry saw, pliers, etc.
Aprenentatge robòtica

Educational robotics learning kits

Fotos varies


Roland MDX-50 / desktop CNC mill

Impressora BCN 3D Sigma

Sigma BCN3D / (Fdm) 3D printer

MakerBot Replicator 2 (FDM) 3D printer

Termoconformadora Formbox Mayku

Mayku FormBox Thermoforming

Talladora laser Epilog Fusion

Talladora laser Epilog Fusion

Impressora 3D Witbox

Witbox / (Fdm) 3D printer

Impressora resina Formlabs Form2

Formlabs Form 2 / resin SLA printer

Viniladora Roland

Roland vinyl cutter

Planxa d'estampació tèxtil

Textile printing plate

Màquina de cosir Alfa Inizia

Alfa Inizia sewing machine





Aula oberta

Open room

Aula Oberta

Open room




Espai Repara. Taller 'Manteniment i reparació de patinets elèctrics'

Ateneu de Fabricació Ciutat Meridiana
Av Rasos de Peguera 232 (Nou Barris)
93 269 51 56