Gegants i gegantes de Barcelona. 52 retallables

Nico Alonso (Text), Laia Berloso (Illustrator) and La Japonesa (Designer)

Have you ever wondered who these giant characters are that parade along our streets during festivals leaving everyone awestruck? Why does each neighborhood have different giants? Who do they represent? How are they dressed? How tall are they? In this book of cut-outs, you'll find the answer to these and many other questions. In total, the book features 52 of Barcelona’s giants designed for children to play with and learn all about them. The book includes figures of the giants that children can cut out to mix and match clothing to dress them correctly thanks to the dresses, hats, and accessories available. The drawings are accompanied by a booklet that highlights fun facts, stories, and tons of details about the figures. The book also includes a folder to make it easier for kids to keep all the materials together. 

Carpeta Bloc encolat: 55 pàg. Llibreta: 57 pàg.

Children's book
Popular culture

Technical Data

  • Publication language: Catalan
  • Year: 2024
  • Pages: 112
  • Edition: 2
  • Cover: En estoig
  • Format: 21 x 24,7 cm
  • ISBN City Council: 978-84-9156-309-9
  • Publishing distributor: Xarxa de Llibres



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