Barcelona Images: life in the city in over 4,000 online photos

The new municipal photographic repository Barcelona Images is an online space for viewing, sharing and downloading images, from recent shots of the work done by essential services, to life for the city’s inhabitants under lockdown, empty streets and images of life in the city from the last few years.

The public must have access to reliable and quality information, a basic right guaranteed in the municipal realm through a series of open and transparent public information services. The new municipal photographic archive is the latest addition to a range of resources, which also includes the municipal news and video portal, the institutional Telegram channel and the monthly e-newsletter.

Barcelona Images, a new photographic archive for the city

Over seven hundred photos portraying the recent weeks of lockdown for local inhabitants and the crusade by professionals from essential services to combat Covid-19 are now available in the photographic archive Barcelona Images. The photos are the latest addition to an extensive graphic catalogue documenting the evolution of a city characterised by its neighbourhoods, traditions and popular culture, and which stands up for feminism, ecology, solidarity and interculturality.

The photos in the new repository have restrictive Creative Commons licences (attribution, no commercial use nor derivative work). They can be downloaded in different resolutions and indicate the location where they were taken. The virtual space is organised with galleries by theme and includes a keyword search option for users to locate specific content.

InfoBarcelona, the site for news and videos

Municipal current affairs have their own news site, aimed at the public and explaining the latest developments and activity in the city. News items are accompanied by specific photos and videos to help disseminate information, which is also distributed via institutional profiles on social media. The news site is organised by themes and by district, and also includes a keyword search option.

Municipal Telegram channel

February saw the introduction of the institutional Telegram channel, a new information service with weekly updates on the main municipal news and activity. Subscription to this channel allows users to receive messages on various devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Municipal e-newsletter

Subscribing to the InfoBarcelona e-newsletter allows people to keep abreast of the main news in the city, the latest on municipal services, the cultural and activity agenda and notable events. This is a monthly service, sent to users by e-mail and available in Catalan, Spanish and English.