Barcelona Recorda, a virtual and collective book of condolences

The initiative provides all city residents with a common space for sharing their grief and experiences during the situation caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. “Barcelona recorda” will be collecting messages sent directly to the website and by post.

The situation caused by the la Covid-19 outbreak has affected all the city’s residents emotionally, both in the global confinement and in their individual experiences. There are many people currently experiencing the suffering of relatives or friends with the disease or individual and family-shared grief for the loss of a loved one, made all the worse by the distancing and isolation required in response to the Covid-19 virus.

Aimed at creating an open space for sharing emotions, feelings, condolences and experiences people have had over the last few days, the Barcelona Recorda website is making its debut, a virtual book where everyone will be able to express themselves freely and respectfully.

How do you leave a message in the Barcelona Recorda virtual book?

  • You can directly upload written messages, images and videos through the website.
  • You can also send material by post.

What kind of messages can be sent?

The website is designed as a collaborative space where everyone can contribute personal stories, memories of loved ones they have lost from of the Covid-19 outbreak, messages of condolence and farewell and expressions of support and hope. There is also room for expressing gratitude, such as recognition of the work being carried out by professionals at the healthcare centres. All messages sent with respect, empathy and solidarity are welcome.