An illustrated guide to Barcelona's devil dances and groups has been published for the first time

To mark the 40th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the Ball de Diables del Clot – Barcelona’s first modern “Colla de Diables” [devil’s group] – we present the first illustrated guide to feature all Barcelona’s devil’s groups and dances. This guide is an exhaustive list of the dances you can find throughout the city’s neighbourhoods.

Every devil dance has its own character, a history that defines it and costumes that represent it, consisting of clothing, pitchforks, maces and standards. Some groups are made up of adults and others of children, a genuine nursery for the future of our most popular tradition. Some devil’s dances are accompanied by a she-devil and Lucifer; others, by truly unique figures, and of course, some are also watched over by an archangel or a saint, their eternal rivals.

This is the first volume of the collection ‘Grups Festius de Barcelona’ [Barcelona’s Festival Groups], a series of guides to the city’s festival figures, all illustrated by Juanolo, with texts by Xavier Cordomí. On reading these guides, we discover how these fantastic beings, which evoke myths and legends, give shape to our most popular cultural traditions in our history and city.

The book ‘Colles de diables de Barcelona’ will be presented on 26 June, at 7 pm, at the Palau de la Virreina’s Espai 4.