The generational gap in Barcelona Metrópolis magazine

We propose a read for reflection. The dossier "The Generational Gap" by Barcelona Metrópolis magazine addresses the challenges faced by young people in comparison with previous generations.

The gap between the young and the old is reflected in their different political choices and lifestyles. Precariousness was already a part of young people’s lives before the current crisis, and their future will need to be addressed more than ever once we have overcome it. Young people have already been living with instability and uncertainty for some time. Job insecurity, a broken social elevator, difficulty obtaining housing… all these factors affect their daily lives.  And, as a result of this situation, they have developed new ways of consuming, of making politics, of taking action, of being in the world.

What do young people think of the situation they now find themselves in? What response to their demands do they receive from institutions? You are invited to read the reflections of the authors of the dossier “The Generational Gap” analysing the social reality of today’s youth, providing some possible answers to their demands and showing us the many initiatives driven by them in areas such as climate change, feminism and collaborative consumption. The dossier features work by Ildefonso Marqués Perales, Mariona Lozano, Elisenda Rentería, Amalia Gómez Casillas, Oriol Bartomeus, Jordi Mir Garcia, José Fernández-Albertos, Brenda Chávez, Maria de la Fuente and Júlia Mas Maresma.

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