Barcelona desapareguda de Giacomo Alessandro II

Víctor Oliva Pascuet, Jorge Álvarez, Enric Comas Parer, Diversos autors (Photography)

Here comes another Barcelona desapareguda, images of the city you have never seen before with the same rigour and mastery as always, that which‏ Giacomo Alessandro brought us. The second volume – as bold and valuable as the first – offers a new and unrivalled circuit of old photographs of the city. Once again you will be able to immerse yourself in a bygone Barcelona that still lives on, immortalised thanks to all the photographers in the collection.

  • Catalan

  • 25.00 €





    24 x 27 cm


    Darrera la càmera

    • Public Space

    • Arquitectura

    • City

    • History

    • Photography

    • Society