L'últim naturalista: Jordi Sabater i Pi

Toni Pou

Universitat de Barcelona

The story of Jordi Sabater i Pi reads like a novel but it is completely true. He went to Africa at the age of 17 and returned to Barcelona thirty years later as one of the most highly reputed primatologists in the world. And all without a single university qualification. A pioneer in the scientific study of gorillas and chimpanzees, Sabater i Pi made contributions that transcended the discipline to the point of reformulating the concept of humanity the prevailed in academic circles. His career was marked by curiosity and tenacity, respect for nature, passion for knowledge, an iron will and also a romantic taste for scientific exploration in the vein of 19th century naturalists like Humboldt and Darwin, who he considered himself to be the heir of.

For the first time, this book recounts the story of Jordi Sabater i Pi based on his correspondence from the years he lived in Africa With a prose as vibrant and luxuriant as the tropical forests, the author depicts with rigour and in an accessible way, the intellectual and life adventures of one of the most important scientists from our country.

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