Selection of co-publishing projects for publications with Barcelona City Council

Imatge de llibres coeditats per l'Ajuntament de Barcelona 2023 english

The January 2023 period for submitting projects for co-editing publications with Barcelona City Council has now closed. A new period in July 2023 will open for receiving proposals, which will have to refer to the city of Barcelona and its residents and fall within the framework of the ten collections approved by Barcelona City Council’s Editions and Publications Board on 7 April 2021.

A total of 10 proposals were received from 10 publishers between 10 and 31 January 2023.  Barcelona City Council Publications Board has favourably assessed 2 projects from 2 publishers.

Barcelona City Council’s Directorate for Publishing Services is responsible for creating, publishing and marketing publication products under the Plan approved by Barcelona City Council’s Editions and Publications Board. It performs this work through its own creations, with other municipal services, and in co-edition with the private publishing sector.

Co-editions with the private publishing sector are established to contribute towards a better use, dissemination and promotion of publications. In addition, they are also used for establishing a framework of collaboration with the publishing sector and providing it with support.

To ensure the transparency and objectivity of the selection system of the various co-edition publishing projects, the Directorate for Publishing Services will be carrying out a six-monthly selection process (in January and July, respectively).

Proposals will have to take Barcelona and its residents as their reference and fall within the framework of the ten collections approved by Editions and Publications Board itself on 7 April 2021 (check the formats of the books that make up each of the collections). If they are not part of any of these collections, the collection from the publishing house the edition is proposed in will have to be stated.

• Gent de Barcelona (Barcelona People). Barcelona residents or individuals closely connected to the city, including high-profile figures and everyday people alike.

• Barcelona Ecologia (Barcelona Ecology). Every aspect relating to urban environment, sustainability, urban nature and the climate-change emergency.

• Barcelona, Present i Futur (Barcelona Present and Future). Tackling the economic, scientific, digital and social aspects, both historical and contemporary, that explain the city model and its metropolitan area, as well as the future perspective they describe.

• Barcelona, Arquitectura i Urbanisme (Barcelona Architecture and Urban Planning). To show the city’s urban planning lines and model and prioritise citizen knowledge of the unique projects and characters involved in the city’s architecture and urban planning.

• Barcelona, Ciutat i Barris (Barcelona City and Neighbourhoods). The history, memories and culture of the city and its neighbourhoods. Dissemination of the past and present of the network of associations and social organisations and movements that have left their mark on the city and its neighbourhoods.

• Barcelona Literària (Literary Barcelona). Barcelona’s links to its literary heritage and the city’s literary representation.

• Barcelona en Vinyetes (Barcelona in Comic Drawings). Introducing the graphic novel genre and comics to tell the history and stories of the city and its residents.

• Barcelona Beceroles (Barcelona Alphabet Books). Bringing the city to very young readers through publications that are attractive both graphically and narratively.

• Darrere la Càmera (Behind the Camera). Books with old and new photographs of the city. To appreciate the city’s transformation and its tradition of photographers.

• Arts a la Ciutat (Arts in the City). Museum and Art Centre catalogues and editions.

The project assessments will take account of the parity criterion to obtain a balanced presence of women and men among the authors, as recommended by Barcelona City Council’s Editions and Publications Board.

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