Selection of co-publishing projects for publications with Barcelona City Council

You can now consult the list of proposals received with a positive assessment during the period from 7 to 25 January 2021 for the selection of publications co-published with the Barcelona City Hall. In July 2021 a new period will open for the submission of co-published projects.

The Publishing Services Department of the City of Barcelona is responsible for creating, publishing and commercialising publishing products in accordance with the Plan approved by the Editorial and Publishing Council of the City of Barcelona. This work is done on the basis of in-house creations, with other municipal services and in co-publication with the private publishing sector.

Co-publications with the private publishing sector are established to contribute to a greater use, dissemination and promotion of the publications. They also serve to establish a framework of collaboration with the publishing sector and provide it with support.

To ensure the transparency and objectivity of the system for selecting the different co-publication projects, the Publishing Services Department will operate a selection process every six months (in January and July).

Proposals must take the city and people of Barcelona as their reference and must fit in with the eight collections approved by the Editorial and Publishing Council on 11 November 2020. If they are not part of any of these collections, you should indicate for which of the publisher’s collections you are proposing the publication.

People of Barcelona. Biographies, compilations or memoirs of people closely linked to the city.

Barcelona ecology. To raise awareness of the ecosystems and biodiversity of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

Present-day Barcelona. Economic, scientific, digital and social aspects, both historical and contemporary, that explain the model of the city and its metropolitan area.

Barcelona architecture and urban planning. The future model, the present evolution and the past of urban planning and architecture in the city.

Barcelona city and neighbourhoods. History, culture, memory and photography collections that offer a glimpse of the city’s past and that of its neighbourhoods. Institutions, associations or movements that have left their mark.

Literary Barcelona. Studies of the literary heritage, literary criticism and new editions of classics to mark major anniversaries.

Barcelona sketched. Sketched non-fiction. To show the city differently, with historical or present-day stories that adopt the language of comics or graphic novels.

Children’s and young people’s Barcelona. To show the city to young people and children.


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