About us

From creation centres to grants for artists, this space brings together everything related to artistic creation and experimentation, here and now, in Barcelona.

The Art Factories project is aimed at artists and curious citizens who just cannot stay at home. It is a space for both to browse and choose what they want to do from among the city’s broad creative and artistic selection.

Barcelona has always been a buzzing city, overflowing with artistic wealth and dynamism, and a benchmark for the rest of the world. In recent years, a wealth of centres devoted to creation and experimentation in all artistic practices have emerged. This has led to a significant broadening of the cultural scene, which has diversified in multiple directions through a variety of information channels.

This website responds to the need to create a communication channel that can provide access to anything related to the creative process and artistic activity within the city: art and training centres, residencies and open dance rehearsals, performing arts, visual arts, circus… Held at public facilities, grassroots associations or private spaces, the purpose of this platform is to build an up-to-date overview of what is happening at all times in Barcelona.

This space will therefore become a place for congregation and dissemination, a resource search tool that enables creators and professionals from the artistic field to fulfil the potential of their projects. It is also a way of bringing the work of these artists to the citizenship which, in turn, creates a place where citizens can participate in Barcelona’s extensive creative network.