Economy, emotions and transformation

Economics is the social science that seeks the needs of people. The requirements relate to everything that people need to live. They can be divided into those that need to be covered with material goods, services, information and knowledge or interaction with others. Therefore, economics is a social science that deals with people.

In order to meet our needs, the economy uses the processes of producing, consuming and distributing.

Many people have lost connection with what it means economy. This disconnect makes us lose sight of how we can intervene in our economic life.

In this workshop we have filled hand Joana Conill Space Social Analysis and in a very experiential way, the meaning of the economy. Appropriating our ability to deliver, receive and interact, the economy has become something that goes beyond monetarism and the instrumentalization of relations and we become aware of our ability to intervene in our economic life.

We have also opened up opportunities to understand, map hand of emotions, that social reality is a construction in which we intervene everyone, from our relationships, our actions and responsibility.

The economy, though not enough, is closer to the philosophy than to the mathematics.