A Fab Lab in La Fàbrica del Sol

4 and 5 July 2012 La Fàbrica del Sol organized a workshop in collaboration with FAB LAB> FAB LAB Barcelona - Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

The workshop was the creation of a solar backpack that allowed us to know the basics of harnessing solar energy. Specifically we build our own solar charger to connect any device powered by USB. In addition, we learned to install it in a purse or backpack to make it more practical and accessible to everyday use.

What is a FAB LAB? Is a workshop manufacturing and innovation on a small scale, equipped with digital manufacturing machines and technologies for the production of objects, tools and electronics.

With this Ideas Market, we started a new line of action to give prominence to everyday actions that citizens do to move towards a more sustainable way of life.

There is currently a worldwide network of people and laboratories (about 100 located in more than 30 countries) who investigate this new production model that can affect all levels of our life: from the professional world (design, architecture, industrial, etc.) to the home, with the empowerment of people, that can happen, to have an idea, to create and build an object that will improve their daily lives.

FAB LAB are connected via videoconferencing and the Internet and are building a knowledge network worldwide.

The FAB LAB Barcelona develops projects at different scales, from smart devices to collect data from people (Smart Citizen) to the new production models for cities (Fabcity).