Green City Cycle

Ciutat Verda is a series of activities organized by the Catalan Association of Scientific Communication (ACCC) through the Il·lustraciència initiative and collaboration with the Aula ambiental Bosc Turull, the Aula ambiental de Les Corts (Centre Cívic Can Deu), the Aula ambiental Sagrada Familia, the Biblioteca Sagrada Familia, the Centre de la Platja, the Espai lúdic ambiental for families del Parc de la Ciutadella and La Fàbrica del Sol, who was born in order to give visibility to the green spaces of the city and its effects on our health.

Between 27 May and 30 June, they have organized lectures related to health, pollution and green spaces, among others, meetings drawing with citizens to draw different green spaces in the city and have been developed drawing workshops technical which they have been explained techniques such as watercolor or ink. In this context, they have generated valuable materials importance that show how participants perceive the richness of urban vegetation.