Do you know that 2016 is l'any of the sparrow?

The common sparrow (passer domesticus) has been chosen, for popular vote|poll, for being the bird of year 2016. SEO/BirdLife organizes this vote|poll, and more than two thousand persons have taken part in it this year.

We can think that the sparrow is a very common bird, which is all over and we can see it|him in any corner of the world. Even so, the populations of sparrows have kept on diminishing along the last years.

During 2016, SEO/BirdLife will organize different actions|shares and activities to promote the conservation of this species.

Besides, on the 20th March it is celebrated all over the world on the World Day of the Sparrow.

Inform of the activities that are made in your city and he|she|it collaborates in the conservation of this emblematic species!