Public transport

Do you know which advantages has to get around by public transport in the city?

Every daily day make more than 6 million displacements in Barcelona, many of them inside of the city, but many other also with origin or fate on neighboring seats.

The traffic is the first cause of pollution in the city of Barcelona and supposes a huge expense energetic, little compatible with the goals of defense of the environment. But, moreover, the car is the main causer of the urban congestions and occupies a big part of the urban space.

At Present, the transport is a person responsible for 25% of the global emissions of CO 2 and 85% of this percentage corresponds to the means of transport vehicular. The public transport represents only 2,1% of the total emissions.

In Barcelona, since year 2000, the use of the public transport has been increased in the internal displacements as well as in the day pupils, and the use of the private vehicle in engine has been reduced slightly. On the to use the underground, the train, the bus or the tram, we are contributing to reduce the emissions of CO2 and to relieve the traffic, especially in the urban center. The occupation of the public space is also seen benefited, since we win space for the pedestrians and the acoustic pollution reduces itself. Even, the use of the public transport is associated with a healthier lifestyle, how research made by the team of scientists of the CREAL.

Barcelona and its influence area has an extense service of buses, underground, suburban trains, tram, railways and taxis to move for all the city. To choose the type of transport that is more convenient to us in every moment depends on factors like the distance to appeal, the economics|economy of what we order, the sensitivity with respect to the environmental subjects like the atmospheric and acoustic pollution, among other. Encourage to leaving the parked car and scroll with health!

In the web site of Metropolitan Transports of Barcelona you will find all the information about the different public, as well as hourly means of transports, prices, formalities in line... The Association for the Promotion of the Public Transport works in form continued by a more sustainable and safe mobility with regard to the improvement of the collective public transport.

In the web site of the Town Council of Barcelona you can consult the Pact from the mobility that is a participative forum in which the local administration and an extense range of associations and entities of the city meet to construct a model of mobility based on the consensus.