Rural development and natural environment

It is considered rural development those performances that allow to assure and to increase the quality of life of the non-urban zones.

The existence of rural zones is basic for the conservation of the natural resources and for the maintenance of the landscape and of the typical uses of the environment. These zones promote alimentary quality and generate economic activity that is beneficial for all the society. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out performances and directed programs to the maintenance of a rural population who can assure the continuity of these areas from an environmental, social and economic point of view.

An innovative project in the rural area of Catalonia that takes into account the territory and the environment, work and economy and the lifecycle, is that of Serene Territories.

For more information you can consult the web site of the Department of Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Fishing of Generalitat de Catalunya, the portal of rural Development and the Center of Cooperation for the Rural Development where you will find extended information about development of the rural environment as well as other subjects that can be from your interest.

In the state area you can consult the web site of Rural Platform, a social movement that agglutinates organizations and groups of people that work to keep a living rural world.