Urban landscape and urban planning

Do you know how the different uses ofspace in the city can be made compatible without losing quality of life?

The urban landscape is one of the elements of the urban environment with need of protection to guarantee a suitable quality of life to all the inhabitants of the city. Because of that, the urban landscape constitutes a collective interest, the satisfaction of which him attributed by the juridical ordering to the town, depending on the local reach of this interest.

The Ordinance of the uses of the urban landscape regulates the activities and the elements that it can affect the landscape of the city in order to guarantee a respectful and wise use and block that, for erroneous performances or unjustifiable omissions, this landscape sees deteriorated. They consider itself uses natural of the urban landscape those activities and elements which it is considered that they do not provoke a severe distortion in the collective right to enjoy a landscape suitable for the development of the civic life, like for example signs of commercial identification, terraces and vetlladors or aerials and devices of air conditioning in the roof. However, those that can only be expressly authorized for the municipal administration, which overcome the maximum intensity established by the Ordinance for the natural uses, are exceptional uses of the landscape.

The management of the uses of the urban landscape develops at two levels: on the one hand, in the assegurament that all the new uses fulfill what the Ordinance foresees; of the other one, in the redrivingof the existing uses, through the combination of technical help and of subsidies, with other of inspection and control.

The application of these regulations makes possible that we, the citizenship of Barcelona as well as its|his|her|their visitors, enjoy a more harmonic and kind common space, and that a better quality of life is favored in the city.

Are persons responsible for the fulfillment of the Ordinance: the company installer, the promoter or beneficiary for the use, the owner of the building or housing and the technical director of the installation.

For more information you can consult to the web site of the Town Council of Barcelona and also you to unload the ordinance of the uses from the urban landscape of the city of Barcelona.