Urban vegetable gardens

Do you know which profits it can bring us to work and to have care of one vegetable garden urban?

The benefits of the Urban Vegetable Gardens for the persons who participate in it are:

- Important social values of the participants since they occupy their spare time

- The creation of new relationships

- Contribute health through a very positive physical activity

- They generate environmental value for the city since green areas

- Provide healthy aliments

- Offer a therapeutic tool, once has especially been indicated in vulnerable collectives

- function of environmental education through the realization of destined activities to scholars and of other collectives

La Xarxa d'Horts Urbans of Barcelona is a program of participation the Area of Environment and futile directed to persons greater of 65 years of the city. The purpose of this project is to incorporate into this collective in activities of environmental improvement across the farming of vegetables with ecological criteria.

In the web site of the Town Council of Barcelona, in the area of Environment, you can find information about the location of the Vegetable Gardens Urban, the documentation to bring one of them and of another information that can be from your interest in the case to want to acquire temporarily.

You can consult the different types of urban vegetable gardens of Barcelona to the web site Huertos Urbanos of Barcelona and to know the location of several particular, municipal and community vegetable gardens you can consult the Map of the Vegetable Gardens of the City of Barcelona. Even you can add yours to it!

In the web site Vegetable Garden Worthy, which appeared with movement 15 M, you will find information of the community vegetable gardens from all over the city.