A*LIVE 2023: Supressió
Where: Palau de la Virreina
La Rambla, 99

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A*LIVE 2023: Supressió

A*LIVE 2023: Supressió


Monday 9 october, 7 pm
Espai LAB. Free entry

In this 2023 edition of ALIVE, a dynamic public program presented in an intricate, expanded format event by ADESK, we delve into the intriguing concept of “Suppression,” acknowledging how the transition between formats, facilitated by artificial intelligence, can lead to the disappearance of certain elements. Additionally, we approach this notion through the lens of societal shifts.

A*LIVE 2023: “Suppression” will be guided by the adept Antònia Folguera as the master of ceremonies. The event will feature illuminating talks by Jorge Carrión and Bani Brusadin, captivating visuals crafted by Fito Conesa and Siddaharth Gautam Singh, and a mesmerizing DJ set by Josephine’ Soundscapes.

Antònia Folguera plays a pivotal role as the master of ceremonies, while Fito Conesa and Siddaharth Gautam Singh are the creative minds behind the project’s captivating graphic imagery and visuals.

Jorge Carrión presents a chronological exploration of the rapid evolution of technology and digitalization over the past three decades, particularly focusing on the impact of lossy compression algorithms on our daily lives. Following this, Bani Brusadin provides insightful commentary on social transformations, shedding light on algorithmic biases, censorship, self-censorship, the criminalization of protest, and the phenomenon of cancel culture.

To conclude, the Josephine’ Soundscapes DJ set will envelop the audience in a unique auditory experience. This project features a blend of sound collages and DJ sets that evoke specific atmospheres of escapism and electric energy. It comprises a collection of serendipitous sequences, contemplative oscillations, and enigmatic voices that traverse through decades, from expansive landscapes to intimate living spaces, creating a nocturnal ambiance with a captivating intensity akin to light.

Join us for A*LIVE: Suppression, a thought-provoking exploration of the intersections between technology, society, and human experience.