Rromano kidipen

Rromano kidipen
Topographies of Urban Discrepancy


LaFundició i Lachó Bají Calí
Wednesday 29th November, from 6 to 8 pm. Virreina LAB and La Virreina patio
Free entrance. Limited places

Éloge du conflit (In Praise of Conflict) is a book by Miguel Benasayag and Angélique del Rey in which the authors present conflict as inherent in our condition of being in the world, a multiplicity without synthesis that shapes the social fabric. Benasayag and Del Rey also argue that Modernity -and its correlative democracy- has been particularly implacable towards conflict, creating the idea that it is something that can be overcome.

Topographies of Urban Discrepancy, the resident research platform at La Virreina LAB, invites the LaFundició and the Lachó Bají Calí collectives to trace a certain history of the urban conflict on the periphery of Barcelona.

Rromano kidipen Virreina provides an opportunity to meet and converse and to share knowledge. Organised by LaFundició and the Lachó Bají Calí association, it is one of the processes of work pursued by the CICdB (Centre for Interpreting the City from the Shack) in its mission to restore the subordinated memory of the old informal settlements of L’Hospitalet.

During Rromano kidipen (‘Romani cultural encounter’ in Romani), Rafi Fernández, a member of Lachó Bají Calí, will share his knowledge of the making of cornichas (‘basket’ in Calo, the language used by the Roma in the Iberian Peninsula) using wicker and other plant fibres, a craft currently in decline and at risk of disappearing that is historically linked to the financial and cultural ways of life of Romani people.

In addition, a series of four posters will be presented, featuring images and texts produced or compiled in collaboration with the Lachó Bají Calí association and the comic author Marcos Prior, in part during the previous two editions of Rromano kidipen in the Gornal and La Florida neighbourhoods of L’Hospitalet.


LaFundició is a co-operative that has, since 2006, been promoting collective processes for constructing knowledge, cultural practices and forms of relationships, these being understood as resources available for everyone to use and as controversial and situated activities.

Lachó Bají Calí is an association founded in 1991 by a group of women living in the Gornal neighbourhood in order to provide support to the Romani community in L’Hospitalet and to promote their cultural practices and ways of life.

rromano kidipen
rromano kidipen
rromano kidipen