Getting to know the apps

The VinclesBCN app is user-friendly and very intuitive. It is designed to enable senior citizens to communicate and interact with their family and friends, through video calls and text, video or voice messages, as well as with other elderly people belonging to the VinclesBCN group network.

When someone applies to use the service, a VinclesBCN professional creates a profile with the person's name, a profile photograph, the chosen language and other technical characteristics. Once the tablet has been configured, the user can access the service by clicking on the VinclesBCN icon and then start using it.

In order for family members and friends to take part in the service, they have to install the VinclesBCN application on their mobile devices, and then the service users have to invite them to join their network, by means of a code that the app provides. Once the code has been entered, the users and their families and friends are connected and can interact.

Below you will find the Google Play and App Store download links for the family and friends app: