What is VinclesBCN

VinclesBCN is a service offered by Barcelona City Council's Area of Social Rights. It combats loneliness by reinforcing the social relationships of senior citizens who feel lonely, using new technologies to improve their well-being.

With VinclesBCN, users can manage their social relationships using a simple tablet or smartphone application as a communications tool. The app makes it possible for users to communicate with their families and friends, as well as with other people in VinclesBCN groups. The communication is in either a text message, photograph or video format.

Every user has access to two networks:

  • PERSONAL NETWORK A personal network for each user, made up of family and friends.
  • GROUP NETWORK A community of senior citizens who use VinclesBCN and live in the same area and/or have interests in common. Professional animators promote participation in conversations and activities in order to include users in the neighbourhood community and in city activities.