Today at the Castle

  • The exhibition “In Search of Freedom: 1968-2018" focuses on the historical and contemporary understanding of the protests that took place in the 60s and 70s in Europe, emphasising on the particularities of the conflicts that occurred in Spain, Poland and in the former Yugoslavia. The material includes 31 photographs from Catalan, Spanish, Slovene and Polish collections, as well as newspapers articles, banners and an audiovisual showing some of the protests that took place on that period in the three territories.
  • Has the search for freedom changed in the last 50 years? This is the question raised by the exhibition "In Search of Freedom: 1968-2018". The exhibition is part of the European project In Search of Freedom, led by the Slovenian publishing house Beletrina, and is going to be on show until March 31st 2019.
  • Montjuïc Castle presents the photographic exhibition MEMÒRIA PERDUDA by the photographer from Barcelona, who lives and works in Holland, Miquel Gonzalez. The photographer has travelled the Iberian Peninsula with his camera capturing the locations of the common graves from the Spanish Civil War and the areas in which such atrocities took place and which have not yet been excavated or commemorated. Many of these places were lost as they were hidden under new roads or buildings, or simply disappeared without leaving any signs of its cruel past.
  • The exhibition "The Pedagogical Revolution of Ferrer i Guàrdia" exposes the aims, the principles, the impact and the extend of the great work of Ferrer i Guàrdia: the Modern School, whose pedagogical model meant a real pedagogical revolution in a convulsive social context with a precarious educational system. The Modern School was based on the principles of a rational, scientific and humanitarian education, it had a universal and a secular nature, and aimed at the construction of a city of free people, promoting equality between men and women, avoiding prejudices and the existence of oppressors and oppressed.

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