The Art of War: Strategies for Winning Without Fighting

The exhibition is centred on a text by the Chinese author Sunzi, The Art of War, which is considered to be the first known example of a military treatise. The text was written in China between the 6th and 2nd centuries BC and has become a benchmark for subsequent generations: not only in terms of military strategy, but also in terms of culture, politics and strategic thinking in general.

The exhibition occupies rooms 18 and 19 at Castell de Montjuïcand comprises a visual, artistic and sensorial journey in which the exhibition spaces and the materials on display combine to provide an unforgettable experience for the visitor, who will witness the art of war at first hand.

The first room has been decorated to resemble a bamboo forest and contains 17 of the most iconic quotations from the text. Twelve of these quotations have been printed on bamboo trunks, while the other five – which are the most representative – have been printed on the walls.

At the start of the exhibition there is an audiovisual presentation that recreates the sounds and images of nature as described in Sunzi’s text. Nature plays a central role in the strategies described by the author: the metaphors and examples he employs include water, the geography of the terrain, weather conditions, and many others.

In the second part of the exhibition, which is located in room 19, visitors can watch a recording of an interview with Dr Albert Galvany, who translated The Art of War from Chinese into Spanish. He talks about the origins of the text and its author, the political, historical and cultural context in which he was writing, and other aspects that complement the exhibition.



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