• Social public procurement, a social and economic transformation tool

    Barcelona City Council wants this economic driver to help to change the economic and social model

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  • 2018 Sustainable Public Procurement Plan

    Offers the business sector taking part in public tenders a prior, structured insight into the municipal aims behind strategic public procurement.

  • Barcelona City Council Guidelines on Applying Act 9/2017 (LCSP)

    These guidelines adopt organisational decisions and establish specific action criteria to ensure uniform implementation of the LCSP.

  • Barcelona Activa and the Councillor's Office for Feminism and LGBTI present the Equitest

    Online resource available to the city’s business community to reinforce the gender equality opportunities in the professional sphere.



Agbar has operated without a contract since day one

13/06/2018 - 15:16h

A report by the municipal legal services has reached the same conclusion as the Catalan High Court of Justice (TSJC), according to which the company has failed to meet its legal obligations for the provision of its services.

Two Working Groups set up for the Public Procurement Board

31/05/2018 - 15:04h

Two meetings were held on 24 and 29 May, to constitute the two working groups for the Public Procurement Board: one to Monitor municipal public procurement and the other for Innovation.

“Socially Responsible Public Procurement” Workshop

14/06/2018 - 17:11h

Barcelona City Council presents the results of its collaborative project with the Catalan Health and Social Care Consortium for adapting the new social and environmental procurement clauses at healthcare providers in the city.

Contractor's profile

In the contractor's profile you will find information on tenders in progress, awards and agreements signed with Barcelona City Council, its independent bodies and other subsidiary entities.

Sustainable public procurement

Barcelona City Council is pushing ahead with sustainable public procurement that integrates social, environmental, ethical and innovative measures for safeguarding the employment, social and citizen rights not just of the individuals performing public contracts, but also the intended beneficiaries and users of those contracts. The goal is also to foster a circular and sustainable local economy that promotes the economic activity of local medium-sized, small and micro enterprises and, especially, social enterprises.

Social public procurement

The Social public procurement guide defines social, inclusive and social-justice measures at every level to promote public procurement with enterprises and professionals that follow a business model based on decent salaries and which promote ethical and stable employment contracts.

Environmental public procurement

The Guide to environmental public procurement incorporates the criteria and technical instructions for public procurement, putting special emphasis on environmental issues in activities such as work projects, cleaning and collecting building waste, electricity and IT equipment, among others.

Innovative purchasing

The Guide to innovative public procurement considers innovation to be a key element that enhances sustainable purchasing. It identifies the City Council’s purchasing potential and stimulates innovation geared towards resolving the city's challenges and extending the impact of its social and environmental policies.