Education, Communication and Environmental Participation

To progress in the culture of the sustainability of the city is a challenge for the citizenship, the administration and the several professional sectors. At the same time a critical and ethical commitment|appointment represents col·lectiu for assuming responsibilities and acquiring values and attitudes of consensus at scale local. Facing|Giving protagonism to the persons in order to advance in an urban environmental reform passes|happens through offering them a continuous learning along the life, spreading|drawing the scientific knowledge for them about socio-environmental subject matters and making its|his|her|their capacity of incidence visible.

Do you know that among|between all of them we can catch up the Tiger?

Do you know where you can find resources d'educació environmental?

Do you know how the civic participation|shareholding fosters the Town Council?

Do you know what the environmental classrooms are?

Do you know that on the 26th January it is the World day of Environmental l?Educació?