Traveling exhibition of energy alternatives

On July 3, 2013 La Fàbrica del Sol organized the traveling exhibition of energy alternatives that was attended by a dozen innovation projects, collective efficiency and energy management.

The projects were presented through thematic tables:

Citizen initiatives for a new energy model

Participatory Energy Plan
An open and inclusive project that is energy from a Community dimension, from a holistic vision and networking of neighbors and stakeholders. With the participation of Ecounion, Barcelona in transition, La Verneda iris Community Network, UAB, Agenda 21, Environmental Space Energy Agency, Public Reasons, Ampa School La Paz, Biciclot, Music Zero.

Solar disobedience campaign
A tool of citizen participation in micro-photovoltaic generation plants on roof through facilities linked to energy consumption. The project is driven by Ecooo, a company specializing in non-citizen participation in renewable energy projects and the dissemination of sovereignty, energy saving and efficiency gain.

Platform for a new energy model
An entity comprising more than 150 organizations from various fields and about a thousand activists around the Spanish State. The objectives of the platform is to pressure the government to curb regulations that undermine the development of renewable energies and disseminate to the media the new culture of energy.

Tools for clean energy consumption

autonomous basic energy services
SEBA has Renting Solar, a project that promotes renting a photovoltaic system to generate electricity itself. The association, founded in 1989, now manages 350 autonomous photovoltaic systems between Catalonia, Aragon and the Balearic Islands, including microgrids grouping users sharing infrastructure generation, transmission and accumulation.

Som Energia
The first cooperative production and consumption of certified green energy state. The objective is to bring together thousands of people with the desire to change the current energy model and work together to achieve a 100% renewable model. Today presented the biogas plant of 500 kW of Torregrossa, with which produce 3500 MWh / year, equivalent to the consumption of 1,100 homes.

Torches (van absent)
A cooperative energy saving services based on heat consumption. They offer customers and partners to have a biomass boiler based on a contract that includes the Kcal consumed and provides the most suitable boiler according Kcal per month to consume.

Consumption and solar self-sufficiency

Azimut 360
A cooperative specializing in the development and implementation of renewable energy projects, both in terms of generation and distribution and consumption management. 360 Azimut team has over 15 years experience in the field of grid-connected photovoltaic systems and the autonomous rural electrification systems.

A company specializing in the field of energy efficiency and solar energy company presents the project Lasal Restaurant Varador of Mataro, the first project was completed without any help, thin or subsidy has reduced by 40% trade electricity bill.

Since 1999, the cooperative provides engineering, consultancy and research, promoting innovative solutions that reduce the impact associated with energy consumption.

Projects with alternative sources of renewable energy to solar

Navitas Paradigma
Miniaerogenerador aims to design a wind vertical axis, whose characteristics (low noise, low vibration, efficiency and easy integration) is suitable for installation in urban buildings. The design was developed in collaboration with Elisava School, Ficosa and facilities Manufacturing Fab Lab Ateneo de Les Corts.

The project Living Sky Air proposes the installation of a wind turbine shared ownership, that will generate clean, green electricity, making possible solidarity between people living in urban areas and those living in rural areas. The project is currently undergoing administrative authorization.

Trinity Minihydraulic
ATLL manages the generation of electric power distribution station of the Trinity, taking advantage of the energy resources of drinking water supplied to the Metropolitan Barcelona, ​​specifically water from the Ter and drinkable in the ETAP Ter (Cardedeu).

The activity is framed within the European Week of Sustainable Energy and, along with other activities organized equipment, has served to help weave a web of shared responsibility between technical and citizenship and to give practical tools to work towards a new energy culture.