Urban Bioindicators Cycle

With this series, we met four organisms present in the cities that tell the quality of our environment. The activities we did were the following:

- Barcelona: 1.6 million biomarkers?

Talking to Michael door we discovered that fertility, life expectancy and many diseases we suffer
People depend in part on the quality of the environment where we live.

- Listen to the subtle sound of the city

David Bertran taught us to book insect Botanical Garden of Barcelona, ​​which pollinators are essential for continuity
life and the amount of pollinators is an indicator of the concentration of toxic green spaces in the city.

- What lichens you find, which air you breathe

José Maria Chesa told us that lichens are symbiotic organisms result of two living beings who are very sensitive to the quality of
the air we breathe.

- Who lives in ponds?

Galanthus taught us the Viver de Tres Pins ponds and told us that they are fragile ecosystems and life there depends on
the quality of the water.