Exhibition The Musician’s Gallery

17.06.2010 to 28.02.2011

Although this is a museum dedicated to music, not art, its collections do provide us with enough material to be able to create an exhibition that is coherent and of a sufficiently high standard to provide a museological argument. It has the advantage of not responding to the conventional selection filters normally imposed on art galleries and as a result we have the opportunity to display interesting pieces that may not otherwise be exhibited in an art gallery.

There are signed works by Darío de Regoyos, Ramon Casas, Sebastià Junyent, Lluís Masriera, Baldomer Gili i Roig, Jaume Llongueras, Lluís Bagaria, Josep Cardona, Ismael Smith, Eveli Torent, Torné Esquius, Josep de Togores and by non-Catalan artists such as Charles Léandre, Valentín de Zubiaurre, Leonetto Cappiello, John Gleich. There are also old photographs of Napoleon, Audouard, Areñas...

Francesc Fontbona