Who are we

Façana del Museu de la Música de Barcelona

The Barcelona Museum of Music belongs to Barcelona City Council and is dedicated to experimentation and reflection on musical activities. It is a place for meeting, and a space for debate, knowledge and aesthetic enjoyment where the public can gain an understanding of how music plays a part in our individual and social emotions. This in turn can help us to make decisions on how to use music, value it and listen to it. As well as reflecting on instruments and documents, these things should encourage interaction between our emotions and reflections with regard to music.

The museum wants to be a space where visitors can relate with music and return time and time again. A place where the museography makes a visit worthwhile and which provides a gateway to other content and activities in our “city of music”, namely the l’Auditori, which offers a variety of concert programmes, the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña (Catalan School of Music) and a library-space containing musical reference material.

We want that people to have a sense of ownership of this place, and for it to be somewhere for visitors to interact with Catalan culture (made, designed or experienced in Catalonia and in different eras) as an open window to the music world cultures.

The Museum team

Jordi Alomar

Collection area:
Marisa Ruiz
Manel Barcons, Esther Fernández, Sara Guasteví

Projects and programming area:
Clara Sen
Imma Cuscó

Educational area:
Eulàlia Vilardell

Specialized library and documentation:
Sara Guasteví

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