Guided visits

Visita guiada. Foto: S. Guasteví

Guided tours of the Museum's collections

We do not offer guided tours at the moment.

Time: 11am

Place: Exhibition rooms

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: Museum ticket

Activity must be booked in advance by email: (before 12 noon on the previous Friday)

Capacity: 20 people

Activity for individuals and families, from 6 years old onwards

Join us on a guided tour around the permanent exhibition and get a closer look at the instruments of our collection. We will share and reveal the mystery of their shapes, the music that made them sound, those that still sound today, and the names of their builders, the owners who has kept them as valuable objects or who has played them virtuous. The content of the visits may include the content of the current temporary exhibitions and may also change slightly some Sundays because of the concert we offer at 12 noon.


21 revealing stories that bring us closer to the origin, curiosities and enigmas of the most unique pieces of the collection.
You can also download the audioguide App in your mobile device for free:
Available in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

Digital tablets are not rented as a preventive measure by Covid-19.


Alternative route

Instruments in the key of gender

We invite you to visite the Museu de la Música with gender perspective in order to take a critical look at the exclusion and role of women in different musical cultures and also, of course, in the field of museums.
Digital tour