A new municipal funeral company to guarantee quality and prices

Municipal services. Barcelona has the most expensive funeral system in the Spanish state. The public operator means costs to users should drop by 30%.

City Council is to set up a public funeral services company with the aim of guaranteeing competence, quality and access to services for citizens, as well as cutting the cost to users by 30%. Barcelona is the most expensive city in Spain in this area. The average cost of funeral services on a national level is 3,600 euros, while in Barcelona, where practically only two companies operate, is 6,500 euros. By-laws for cemeteries and funeral services will also be adapted to new family, religious and cultural circumstances.

The quality of services provided by companies is good, but the cost for users is very high, as the First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, explained. Because of this, City Council is to set up a public company to open up the market, build a benchmark public funeral home and manage the new public service according to sustainable economic and environmental criteria, aiming the service at the general public.

The municipal funeral service should guarantee welfare services, the same as the rest of the existing services in the city, for people demonstrating they do not have the financial means to bear the costs of a dignified funeral. This was explained by the Councillor for Presidency, Eloi Badia. The municipal government will be presenting the initiative at the next Commission for Presidency, Citizen Rights, Participation, Safety and Prevention, and is also taking on board recommendations from the Barcelona Ombudsman.

Modifications to be made to by-laws on Funeral Services and Cemeteries are aimed at ensuring the right of minority religious communities to the concession of sites in municipal cemeteries, which will always be managed by City Council. The modifications also look to keep ashes and urns in cemeteries, helping fulfil their role as centres for mourning and preventing contamination in iconic spots in the city, as well as updating the framework for cemetery concessions and more.


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