• Barcelona Sharing Cities Summit

    From 12 to 15 November, Barcelona will be the venue for the summit on the collaborative economy.
  • The Barcelona City Council launches the first Public Procurement Fair

    80 future contracts will be exposed totalling more than 540 million euros.
  • Smart City Week Barcelona (November 5-11)

    As a prelude to the Smart City World Expo, the city will be packed between 5 and 11 November with talks, workshops, visits and activities for all ages, exploring what smarty cities of the future will be like and how we will all be living, moving about and interacting with one other.
  • Join in the Social and Solidarity Economy!

    The City Council is offering a whole range of resources, services and facilities, as well as funding, so people can live with the Social and Solidarity Economy.
  • Hypatia European Science Prize

    Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with Academia Europaea’s Barcelona Knowledge Hub (AE-BKH), is organising the first edition of the Hypatia European Science Prize. 


  • Barcelona Science Plan

    Barcelona City Council presents the Barcelona Science Plan, whose goal is to promote Barcelona as the European capital of research and innovation.
  • Llobregat Delta Strategy

    Launched by Barcelona, Hospitalet de Llobregat and El Prat de Llobregat City Councils, a strategy is to be presented for a more natural, public Llobregat delta with a more inclusive economic activity.
  • The rebellions of 68, the need to be radical

    The Commissioner for Memory Programmes has opened a programme commemorating the 50th anniversary of the protests of 1968, offering a variety of activities between May and November.

  • Barcelona cooperativa

    The social and solidarity economy is an economic model that needs to be promoted and fostered in the city. That is why we support it in Barcelona.
  • Barcelona, science and digital technology

    Barcelona aims to bring about a transition towards a technological sovereignty that will enable the municipal government and city residents to decide on what their priorities are, the direction they wish to take and the ethical use of technological innovations with a clear social impact.
  • Aid in hiring to promote quality employment in Bar

    Subsidy programme for employment contracts, promoted by Barcelona Activa to help with your company’s costs when contracting new staff and to help promote quality jobs in the city.
  • Barcelona Budget 2018

    Documents and data relating to the 2018 municipal budget, a key tool for public management, for planning, programming, controlling, monitoring and evaluating municipal action.
  • Local commerce

    Promotion of local commerce in the city which highlights the economic and social benefits of shopping in the local neighbourhood and generating more responsible and sustainable consumption.
  • Another approach to economics

    Barcelona City Council aims to transform the city, moving towards greater social justice by promoting a social and solidarity economy.

Latest news


Barcelona to lead the way for future mobility

Mobility. The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) has chosen the project headed by the Catalan capital to become one of its innovation communities.

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Mercabarna opens up to organic produce

Mercabarna. The market will be the first logistics and distribution centre of its kind in Europe.


Presentation of the guide "Let's take care of who cares for us, it's justice!"

Guide presentation. On Tuesday, December 4, the guide "Take care of who cares for us is a matter of justice!", A document that aims to become a useful resource to promote the fair and dignified employment of working people in the...

What we do

Public policies that boost the city’s economic activity, foster the creation of stable and quality employment and enrich not just the innovative ecosystem but also non-speculative collaborative economies. Més info
Promote bilateral relations and joint work with the world's main cities not just to exchange knowledge but also to drive common policies. And strengthen Barcelona’s participation in the main international bodies and networks. Més info
We are committed to a digital city by making the most of the profound technological transformation that Barcelona is experiencing. The key tool is an inclusive technology for having a more prosperous and yet friendlier and more creative city. Més info
Guarantee the sustainability of tourism in the city, by reducing its negative impact and ensuring its benefits return to the entire city. Més info
Recover and disseminate Barcelona’s democratic memory through historical-reparation, memory and ethical-heritage initiatives from the public that have been democratising social relations. Més info