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Welcome to the Barcelona City Council tourism website, where you'll find information on the city's tourism strategy, how tourism is being managed and what action is being taken, as well as data and statistics on tourist activity.

In Barcelona we use water responsibly. Every drop counts, so do your bit!
  • Call for grants for the digital transformation of the sector

    Barcelona allocates €2.5M from the Next Generation Funds to subsidize tourism innovation projects to boost the transformation and digitalization of the city of Barcelona. More information

  • Every drop counts, so do your bit!

    In Barcelona we use our water responsibly.

    More info

  • Interested to make your business more sustainable?

    Barcelona City Council offers tour operators the opportunity to adhere to a distinction that recognizes those who are committed to responsible management of the environment, culture, working conditions, gender equity and social and economic return. Information and registration here.

  • Barcelona-Destination Tourism-Sustainability Plan

    The Barcelona-Destination Tourism-Sustainability Plan includes 19 projects financed with €41 million from NextGeneration EU funds and to be carried out between 2023 and 2025. We’ll give you the lowdown on all the planned initiatives (see video)

  • Tourism workshops

    Turisme de Barcelona and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce organise tourism torkshops to provide companies and organisations with a training offer aimed at designing and/or implementing new methodologies or sales tools for products and services, thus helping to improve their positioning. More information and registration here.

  • Observatory of Tourism in Barcelona: city and region

    Main statistical tourism information of Destination Barcelona

  • Security and coexistence tips

    Barcelona is an open, welcoming and safe city. We welcome visitors and offer them tips and information so they can enjoy their stay. 

  • Welcome to Barcelona

    Given the steady resumption of tourist activities, Barcelona City Council wishes to welcome all visitors to the city, inviting them to enjoy it, look after it and respect its spaces and community life

  • ZonaBus

    Parking for tourist coaches


Platja de Barcelona

The Barcelona Tourism Observatory presents the report on the profile of the "blue" tourist

4 July, 2024 - 16:52h

Blue tourism includes all those interested in water and the sea, as well as boating activities.

Sessions informatives Impulsem el què fas

Get Inspired to Start Your Venture

2 July, 2024 - 14:42h

It is expected that the guidelines and call will be published during the second half of July in the Official Gazette of the Province of Barcelona (BOPV) and also on the Barcelona Activa website.


Eixample District Submits the Sagrada Familia Massive Attraction (EGA) Plan to the Ward Council

27 June, 2024 - 13:33h

The initial version of the plan contains a first set of measures to mitigate the impact of high visitor numbers.