Data and studies

Shared knowledge is an essential tool in addressing the debate on tourism in the city. In this section, data is being made available
to citizens, entities, companies and administrations.



Compilation of the main indicators of tourist activity in Barcelona in 2020 in relation to 2019.
It includes data on tourist supply and demand, booking forecasts, passengers on infrastructure, the labor market in the tourism sector, tourist products, visitors to places of interest as well as other data that have been incorporated this year. 



Annual report that presents the main data of tourist activity of Barcelona city and the Destination Barcelona. Barcelona Tourism Observatory: city and region

Includes tourist accommodation data, tourist demand and infrastructure (capsule 1), tourist profile and expenditure data (capsule 2) and valuation and labor market (capsule 3)


Presentation of results of the study of characterization and tourist profile. Its main objective is to know the profiles and habits of tourists who spent the night in the city of Barcelona in 2020.


Collection of indicators on the labor market linked to tourism activity

Statistics and surveys

  • Annual report 2020

    Capsule 1. Annual Report of the Tourist Activity 2020, which collects the data of supply of accommodation, tourist demand and infrastructures of the Destination Barcelona.

    Capsule 2. Annual Report on Tourist Activity 2020, which includes information on the profile and expenditure of the Barcelona Destination tourist

    Capsule 3. Annual Report on Tourism Activity 2020 which includes information on the assessment of tourists, public opinion, the labor market and the sustainability of the Destination.

  • Barcelona tourism activity report

    Annual report that presents the main data on tourist activity in Barcelona. Observatori del Turisme a Barcelona: ciutat i regió

  • Profiles and habits of tourists

    Presentation of the results of a study on tourist characterisation and profiles. Its main aim is to identify the profiles and habits of tourists spending the night in Barcelona. 

  • Perception of tourism in Barcelona

    Presentation of results of a survey conducted among Barcelona residents on perceptions of tourism in the city and opinions of current affairs and tourist habits. Department of Opinion Surveys at Barcelona City Council.

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