Strategic planning

Municipal government programme documents setting out tourism-related policies and initiatives.

  • 22/01/2020
    Creation of new imaginaries and contents for the improvement of mobility and tourist sustainability.

    Government measure presented to the Economy and Finance Commission of January 22, 2020. It compiles a series of actions on the mobility and the creation of new tourist imaginaries, in order to better manage the flow of visitors that receives the city, diversify its socio-economic contribution, reduce the negative impacts on high-affluence spaces and contribute to expanding the knowledge that the people of Barcelona have about their city.

  • 11/05/2018
    Territorial strategy of tourist management. Government measure

    The Territorial Strategy for Tourism Management, framed in the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020, includes 261 measures that make up the roadmap to maximize the social return of tourist activity in the territories, while at the same time considering the synergies with the city as a whole and the metropolitan region.

  • 15/11/2017
    Tourist Mobility Strategy in Barcelona

    The Tourist Mobility Strategy (EMT) provides a global analysis of the city's tourist mobility in order to design new urban policies. The EMT aims at offering an answer both to the Urban Mobility Plan (PMU 2013-2018) as well as to the challenges and goals for the Strategic Plan for Tourism (PET20).

  • 30/01/2017
    Strategic Plan for Tourism 2020

    The new Strategic Plan for Tourism provides new tools and procedures to build future scenarios in a sustainable way. The objective is to promote tourist activities as a source of wealth and generate a greater return for society.

Statistics and surveys

Statistical data on tourist activities in Barcelona and its surroundings. Reports on the results of tourist-profile surveys, public perception and other important aspects.

Reports, studies

Analysis documents and studies on tourist activities and their impact on the city.

Anàlisi de l'impacte ambiental del turisme a Barcelona
Analysis of environmental externalities of tourism in Barcelona

Study on the impact of tourist activity in the city of Barcelona on variables such as water and energy consumption, waste generation, carbon footprint, air quality and noise pollution. Prepared by Barcelona Regional as commission of the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020.

Situation, characteristics and effects of work in the tourism sector

Report commissioned within the framework of the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020 to know the characteristics of the work in the tourism sector in Barcelona and identify factors associated with the precariousness, as well as the main mechanisms that cause them.

Monitor of online tourist reputation of Barcelona city 2018

Study on the online tourist reputation of Barcelona, to know the added value of accommodation, restaurants and tourist attractions of the destination, based on the scores published by the users in the main online tourism platforms. Study commissioned by the Barcelona City Council in the framework of the Tourism Observatory in Barcelona: city and region.

Grounds for applying tourist marketing for a sustainable destination: the case of Barcelona

Report commissioned under the Strategic Tourism Plan for 2020, featuring suggested guidelines for promoting destination Barcelona with the main aim of ensuring its sustainability.

Carbon Footprint of Tourism in the city of Barcelona

Report commissioned within the framework of the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020 to deepen the knowledge about the environmental impact of tourism and the activities associated therein, especially focused on the calculation of the emission of greenhouse gases.

Impact of vacation letting on Barcelona's residential letting market

A report which analyses the economic impact of tourist accommodation on the residential market. It comes under the framework of the diagnosis stage for drafting the Strategic Tourism Plan for 2020.

Annual activity reports

Summaries of the initiatives carried out at the destination in accordance with tourist-sustainability criteria.


Rules and regulations

Useful documents

Tourism-related international reference documents.

Guide for sustainable tourism (CAST)

In this Guide for sustainable tourism you'll find the challenges and criteria for the evaluation of the tourism sector ahead the 2030 Agenda  

Barcelona declaration

Barcelona City Council, in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Barcelona, the Catalan Tourism Agency and Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), organized from next 17 to 19 May 2017, the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism for the Development in the framework of the New Urban Agenda. The event concluded with the presentation of a statement and some guidelines about sustainable tourism.

World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20

The World Summit on Sustainable Tourism, held in Vitoria-Gasteiz in November 2015, reviewed the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism (1995) and reaffirmed their validity today. This document recognises the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Decision of the Barcelona Ombudsman regarding Tourism

The ombudsman's decision in June 2015 regarding official action on tourism and its impact on the quality of life of Barcelona residents.

Monthly tourist-activity forecasts

Periodic report that enables forecasts of the city's tourist influxes. It covers events on the programme for the coming month with an estimated attendance of over ten thousand people.