Strategic planning

Municipal government programme documents setting out tourism-related policies and initiatives.

  • 24/03/2021
    Culture and creative industry as a factor in the transformation of the visitor's economy

    Report of the Department of Tourism and Creative Industries presented to the Committee on Economy and Finance of March 17, 2021, which includes the main conclusions of the Forum of debate 'City, Tourism and Culture: a joint opportunity' and the lines of action to be developed.

  • 22/01/2020
    Creation of new imaginaries and contents for the improvement of mobility and tourist sustainability.

    Government measure presented to the Economy and Finance Commission of January 22, 2020. It compiles a series of actions on the mobility and the creation of new tourist imaginaries, in order to better manage the flow of visitors that receives the city, diversify its socio-economic contribution, reduce the negative impacts on high-affluence spaces and contribute to expanding the knowledge that the people of Barcelona have about their city.

  • 21/06/2022
    Acord de bones pràctiques en el guiatge de grups a la via pública de Barcelona

    Document acordat amb les dues associacions de guies oficials, Aguicat i APIT, per millorar la gestió dels grups turístics guiats a la via pública, la qualitat del servei de guiatge, l'experiència del visitant i l'encaix amb la vida veïnal. Conté un annex específic per als barris de Ciutat Vella que registren major afluència turística.

  • 18/02/2022
    Evaluation of the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020

    Evaluation of the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020

Reports, studies

Analysis documents and studies on tourist activities and their impact on the city.

Barcelona 2021 Observatory

The annual report of the Barcelona International Positioning prepared by the Barcelona Observatory, Barcelona City Council and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, ranks the city as the 9th most attractive in the world and the 4th in Europe by visitors.

Quantification of the impact of tourism on the municipal budget

Report commissioned within the framework of the Strategic Plan for Tourism 2020 by the taxation and tourism working group of the Tourism and City Council which asked to quantify the impact of tourism on the municipal budget


The NAO Group and the Global Destination Sustainability Movement publish a joint White Paper on the roles and impact of tourism taxation in tourist destinations in Europe. The study is launched in association with the European Tourism Association (ETOA) and with the support of nine urban tourism destinations, including Barcelona

Tourism wages in Barcelona 2018

The Municipal Data Office of the Barcelona City Council presents this report that provides new data on the wages of people who work in the city's tourism sector. Based on the exploitation and analysis of the salary information from the Continuous Sample of Working Lives (MCVL), it offers, in the first place, a brief summary of the profile of workers in the sector. It also analyzes the salary structure in detail, based on the personal characteristics of the workers and other variables related to their jobs. The salary differences between women and men in the sector are also analyzed, as well as the evolution of the purchasing power of employees between 2010 and 2018, to end by briefly addressing the phenomenon of ‘mileurismo’ (referring to those people who earn 1,000 euros per month) tourism.

Anàlisi de l'impacte ambiental del turisme a Barcelona
Analysis of environmental externalities of tourism in Barcelona

Study on the impact of tourist activity in the city of Barcelona on variables such as water and energy consumption, waste generation, carbon footprint, air quality and noise pollution. Prepared by Barcelona Regional as commission of the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020.

Situation, characteristics and effects of work in the tourism sector

Report commissioned within the framework of the Strategic Tourism Plan 2020 to know the characteristics of the work in the tourism sector in Barcelona and identify factors associated with the precariousness, as well as the main mechanisms that cause them.


Rules and regulations

Useful documents

Tourism-related international reference documents.

Barcelona Call for Action

The Barcelona Call for Action was presented during the Future of Tourism World Summit, an international summit that brought together industry experts to reflect on the key role of tourism in reviving the economy in the post-pandemic era.

Guide for sustainable tourism (CAST)

In this Guide for sustainable tourism you'll find the challenges and criteria for the evaluation of the tourism sector ahead the 2030 Agenda  

Barcelona declaration

Barcelona City Council, in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Barcelona, the Catalan Tourism Agency and Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), organized from next 17 to 19 May 2017, the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism for the Development in the framework of the New Urban Agenda. The event concluded with the presentation of a statement and some guidelines about sustainable tourism.