Tourism Council and City

What we do

The Full Barcelona City Council meeting on 29 January, 2016, approved the setting up of the City and Tourism Council, with the aim of establishing a standing body that would encourage discussion and debate on tourism and bring together the various players involved in the city's tourism sector.

The City and Tourism Council was formally constituted on 2 May as a standing body for participating in the city's tourism policies and strategies.

It is therefore a formal place for exchanging ideas, assessing the effect of actions that have been taken and generating proposals that might serve as a guide to future tourism policies. 

The functions of the City and Tourism Council include:

  • Advising the municipal government on municipal initiatives, policies and strategic lines of action in the area of tourism, from a global perspective.
  • Proposing policies on tourism and to ensure its sustainability.
  • Producing studies and opinions on issues concerning its sector, at the request of the Mayor.
  • Producing an annual report on tourism in Barcelona that should include, among other things, impact assessment, proposals for improvements, municipal lines of action and the main actions carried out in this area, as well as warnings that enable appropriate steps to be taken in terms of conflict prevention.

Therefore, the City and Tourism Council may produce reports, opinions, proposals and suggestions as recommendations to City Council bodies, but which are not in any way binding.

The Council is organising themed work groups to tackle the various issues relating to tourist management that the members of the CTiC have agreed to discuss. The results of each work group will be collected in a report presented at an event open to the public and which can be consulted on this website.

Consult the functions of the City and Tourism Council (CAT).