Flors i violes. La Barcelona literària en clau femenina

Mª Àngels Cabré

A book that contains many other books, all linked to the city of Barcelona. Although literary Barcelona has been the object of many studies, the focus has generally been on male writers. The female authors who have used the city as the main setting for their books have received considerably less attention. Now is the time to remember them, and to celebrate their work. So let’s take a look at Barcelona through the eyes of those authors who have chosen the city as the scene where the action takes place, allowing both fictional characters and their creators, those passionate women who brought them to life on the page, to take us by the hand. We hope that this book will serve as testimony to the fact that a literary Barcelona seen through the eyes of women also exists, one that’s well worth a visit through reading their books. Four young artists - Laura Pérez, Eva Zurita, María Herreros and Helena Pérez - have been chosen to provide the illustrations that accompany the text.

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    16 x 24 cm


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