Gegants, nans i capgrossos II

Dels barris de l'antiga Barcelona i de Ciutat. Grups Festius de Barcelona. Volum V

Xavier Cordomí Fernández, JuanolO (Illustrator)

El Cep i la Nansa

This second volume, dedicated to the giants, big-heads and dwarves of Barcelona, looks at the figures present today in the clubs and associations of the old town –Ciutat Vella, el Poble-sec and l’Eixample–, the heirs of the first giants that, since the appearance of the Gegant de la Ciutat (City Giant) on the feast of Corpus Christi in 1424, have continued to grow in numbers over the centuries and which also, in some way, form part of the history of Barcelona.

  • Catalan

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    19 x 22 cm



    Grups Festius de Barcelona

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