Singulars de les festes barcelonines

Grups Festius de Barcelona Volum VII

Xavier Cordomí Fernández, Nico Alonso, JuanolO (Illustrator)

El Cep i la Nansa

The most heterodox of the seven published to date, this new volume in the collection looks at various unique manifestations, elements and celebrations in the city that are closely identified with the reality and history of their neighbourhood or their old town or village. The book offers a rigorous work of research, creativity and imagination and highlights what the various popular culture groups in Barcelona have preserved, recovered, innovated or imagined, old and new expressions, original and diverse, that interpret the identification and feeling of belonging to their land that the people have. 

  • Catalan

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    19 x 22 cm



    Grups Festius de Barcelona

    • Popular culture

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