Las soledades

reflexiones, causas y efectos

Joan R. Riera

Icaria Editorial

The phenomenon of unwanted loneliness has been on the public agenda for several years now. A phenomenon that is new in political and social terms. The depth of loneliness has had to be studied, dissected and and analysed, first and foremost, for the purposes of building up a new orientation towards people-promoting policies that respond to it, with special care in the case of loneliness in big cities. The Scientific Advisory Council against Loneliness (CACS), launched by Barcelona City Council, has provided a splendid reflection and diagnosis tool for enabling a dissection of unwanted loneliness from several points of view and aspects and thereby constructing the Municipal Strategy against Unwanted Loneliness. This book shows the work and analyses of its members, all academics with a long career in each of its areas, philosophy, sociology, health sciences, gerontology and social work.

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    Barcelona present i futur

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