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About us

The Barcelona Municipal Council for Roma People is a consultative and participatory body that exists to improve the well-being and quality of life of Roma citizens.

This is a consultative body that acts as a stable platform for discussion and debate on questions referring to improving the well-being and quality of life of Roma in the city. It comprises Roma non-profit organisations in the city and seeks to:

  • Promote actions in favour of Roma culture
  • Foster initiatives to combat racism
  • Stimulate participation.
  • Provide information for all the organisations involved in the Council
  • Ensure the Municipal Action Programme includes specific measures for the Roma people.

The Council puts forward realistic and feasible proposals and, at the same time, has established itself as a stable body for dialogue when it comes to highlighting the needs, specificities and challenges of Roma people in the future,

On an operational level the Council consists of two working groups: the national day working group and the Roma people strategy working group. The aim of the former is to encourage participation in events such as International Roma Day or acts to commemorate Holocaust victims, and the latter seeks to follow up local strategy actions.


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